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Iekšzemes ūdeņu monitoringa iekārtu piegāde ES Kohēzijas fonda projekta Nr. ietvaros /Supply of inland water monitoring equipment for the EU Cohesion Fund project No.

Process TypeOpen procedure
Offers Revealed At
Showing board-level people associated with the buyer and seller organizations 12 months prior up to 12 months after the procurement process. Also shown are their political affiliations and donations within the same period.


EstoniaOsaühing Elke Sensor

award-1. 1. daļa: multiparametru zonde ar papildaprīkojumu / Part 1: Multiparameter sonde with additional equipment

Signed .

est. €39,670

LatviaSIA "DOMA"

award-2. 2. daļa: monitoringa aka ar iebūvētu 90o V-veida pārgāzni / Part 2: Monitoring well with integrated 90o V-notch weir

Signed .

est. €16,530

AS "Scanmatic Instrument Technology"

award-3. 4. daļa: automātiskā meteoroloģisko novērojumu stacija / Part 4: Automatic meteorological station

Signed .

est. €10,744

AS "Scanmatic Instrument Technology"

award-4. 3. daļa: datu logeris / Part 3: Data logger

Signed .

est. €52,893

LatviaSabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību "Labochema Latvija"

award-5. 6. daļa: ūdens plūsmas mērījumu aprīkojums pazemes plūsmas mākslīgās mitrzemes pētījumiem / Part 6: Water flow measurement equipment for measurements in subsurface flow constructed wetland

Signed .

est. €4,960

LatviaSIA "DOMA"

award-6. 5. daļa: dažādas ūdeņu monitoringa iekārtas / Part 5: Multiple water monitoring equipment

Signed .

est. €53,720