Integrity Indicators

2 out of 3
  • No disputes from bidders or outsiders
  • Sellers have not recently made any political party donations
  • Bidding period is associated with an increased risk factor

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Actual Cost



11 days


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0 bids


0 disputes

Kokskaidu granulas Skrundas vidusskolas un Nīkrāces pamatskolas katlumāju vajadzībām

Process TypeUnknown
Offers Revealed At
Showing board-level people associated with the buyer and seller organizations 12 months prior up to 12 months after the procurement process. Also shown are their political affiliations and donations within the same period.


LatviaSIA "Pellet 4Energia"

award-1. piegādes līgums

Signed .

est. €8,060

LatviaSIA "Pellet 4Energia"

award-2. iepirkuma līgums

Signed .

est. €8,060